The Best Fit Suit of Your Life

Have you ever bought a dress shirt that you loved on the shelf but not on yourself? You fall in love with it; you must have it. You get it home, hang it up, and eventually try it with an outfit and the honeymoon phase is suddenly over.

It puffs out at the stomach, the arms look like Victorian Era ruffle sleeves, the collar is just a bit too tight, and worse than anything – the return period has passed. It sits in your closet for an eternity – gathering dust as you occasionally gaze at it and quietly sigh.

Let’s face it… 

No matter how great a piece of clothing may look on a mannequin – if it doesn’t fit you correctly, you’re never going to wear it. Baggy arms, sagging seats, and rolled up pant legs can all ruin an otherwise stellar outfit. Because we recognize that our clientele desire a premium product that is fashionable, functional, and unique, Lapels offers hand-crafted, made-to-measure clothing.

A Full-Service, Made to Measure Clothier

Our clientele come to Lapels because we don’t create and sell amorphous clothing to fit most people – we artfully and precisely create clothing to fit you. A properly-fit suit changes not only the way others look at you, but the way you look at yourself  – granting you the confidence and charisma so necessary to your demanding lifestyle.

Collar and cuff replacements, hemming, slimming, trimming, and tapering are well within our capabilities – but nothing compares to a custom-designed suit built for your body. Our made-to-measure clothes are planned according to your style specifications and deftly hand-crafted by our in-house tailors to fit your exact measurements – no modification required.

The Lapels Difference

Many of our clientele are surprised to find that they don’t need to travel to Paris or Milan for high-quality, made-to-measure menswear. If you would like to experience the comfort and confidence of a made-to-measure outfit (and every man should, at least once in his life), contact us at 724-853-7145, fill out our online Contact Form, or just stop into our Greensburg store at 106 S. Pennsylvania Avenue – near the courthouse.